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Temp Cigarettes- discern your temperament…

  Temp is another cigarettes brand, represented by the biggest company in Eastern Europe, TUTUN CTC. Regardless the fact that Temp tobacco is quite new smoking product, in 2002 it has already obtained golden medal at “Tobacex Exhibition”, which took place in Russia. About the premium quality of Temp Cigarettes knows probably the whole Europe. It is very popular at domestic tobacco market. Temp brand has discrepant flavor as it is a blend of the finest tobacco sorts such as Virginia, Maryland, Burley. The mixture of such sorts attaches to Temp cigarettes a kind of uncommonness and mysteriousness.

  It is always interesting and exciting to know what can come out from different sorts of tobacco blending. So we can name Temp cheap cigarette a kind of masterpiece. Temp Cigarettes – Encourage Yourself. These filtered fags possess a unique possibility to encourage, because they are considered to be strong cigarettes. Their nicotine volume comprises 0.8 mg and tar volume 10.0 mg. If you are tired, upset, you don't have mood, just light Temp cigarette up and you will feel encouragement, desire to do something useful, you will gain strength and your mood will elate in a moment. The name Temp can be understood as an abbreviation of the word “temptation”. You will feel it right from the first inhalation.

   Temp brand design is fairly simple, in white colors, irrespective of the type. As we have already mentioned about its types, then it is time to discover them. Here are: Temp, Temp Silver, Temp Gold. All these varieties are at your disposal in our online tobacco shop at the best price ,so get tempted by trying Temp cigarettes now.

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