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Astra Filters

Astra Filter is a cigarette brand selling at our site. This allows adult smokers to choose between two essentially different styles of the same tobacco blend Astra Filter and Astra Non-Filter. Astra Filter belong to Oriental (Moldavian) Blend type,eminent among cigarette-lovers by such popular smoking products as Doina, Cosmos and Temp. All the smoking products produced by this tobacco company are marked out by high quality, inimitable flavor and low price. Although initially Astra cigarettes were produced only in non-flavored variety, the manufacturer of these cigarettes has decided to keep up with the times and evolving requirements of adult smokers from both the domestic market and the international one. Therefore, the new styles of Astra cigarettes Astra Filters and Astra Lux were launched to the market, and showed an impressive performance shortly after their introduction. So, all the demands, needs and wishes of the most fastidious smokers can be satisfied by one single brand Astra. These cigs will be an excellent choice for the real tough guys who prefer stronger smoking experience, a more bracing taste and memorable flavor that gives exciting feelings. Astra Filter cigarettes offer adult tobacco lovers a possibility to have a natural smoke, without any additives that spoil the taste of original tobacco brand comprised of elite sorts of tobacco. As regards the flavored varieties of Astra cig brand, both of them provide marvelous smoking experience, with their astonishing aroma of natural tobacco. All these features and the discount price of this brand leave no space for doubts, since if you consider yourself to be a real tobacco aficionado, you should definitely try it.

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